Pristina airport to automate the check-in and bag drop process with Amadeus’ solutions

Passengers at Pristina airport will be able to check in and drop bags independently thanks to roll out of Auto Bag Drop units

Pristina airport has been steadily modernizing its services since the government of Kosovo entered a 20-year franchise with infrastructure management specialist, the Limak Group, in 2011. In 2018 the airport laid the foundation for the transformation of its passenger services by deploying Amadeus Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers and Baggage Reconciliation System to improve service whilst reducing costs by 20%.

The latest phase of modernization will see Pristina upgrade its self-service check-in and bag drop so passengers benefit from a smooth experience and can take greater control over every stage of their journey through the airport.

The project sees 10 Auto Bag Drop (ABD) units from ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company, deployed for the benefit of airlines and their passengers in time for the summer season. The ABD units will help to automate the process of check-in and bag drop, whilst reducing interpersonal contact as a response to COVID-19. They will be implemented as a retrofit solution, equating to a third of Pristina’s traditional check-in counters.

Gökmen Aritay, COO, Pristina Airport said: “With the COVID-19 pandemic travelers demand an automated, quick, convenient and contactless experience at the airport, which is why we’re giving them the option to do self -service bag drop. It is the most important step as it drastically reduces crowding and complements our high rate of online check-in, which is already over 90%.”

Richard Dinkelmann, CEO, ICM Airport Technics, an Amadeus company added: “Despite the challenging environment airports continue to prioritize an automated passenger experience. Contactless, biometrics and self-service are key tools to help airports restore traveler confidence whilst lowering operational costs. We’re pleased to expand our partnership with Pristina to deliver on its vision for a safer, more automated airport.